An everyday joe is shot into space and forced to watch bad movies by a gaggle of mad scientists (Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Mary Jo Pehl, Josh Weinstein, et al). The poor soul is aided by Crow, Tom Servo, Gypsy, and Cambot, a quartet of robots with sharp circuits and wits to match. Together, the crew heckles a horrible film in every episode, performing wacky skits during the intermissions.

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Mystery Science Theater 3000
Official site from producer Jim Mallon. featuring original animated shorts starring the 'bots, classic host segments from the original show, and a store offering official merchandise.
Satellite News
Official fan site, with news of cast activity, DVD releases, show history, interviews, episode guides, and trader lists.
The Bot Cave
Features step-by-step instructions for building all four robots: Crow, Servo, Gypsy, Cambot. Also sells parts and fully completed units.
Fan Made DVD Covers
Collection of fan-produced graphics for DVD storage cases.
The Hand That Time Forgot
Article on episode 424, Manos: The Hands of Fate. Includes an interview with members of the film's original crew.
MST3K Song Index
Collection of lyrics from show songs.
The MST3K Video Guide
Index of videos of the show.
MST3K Wiki
Allows users to add comments, content, and additional pages to collection of details about each episode.
Features DVD episodes and full season sets of unreleased episodes, news, sounds, videos, images, and DVD trading.
Tape trading, bot building, fan fiction, Gateway convention photos, props, and information on fan-produced songs and movies.
Painstick's MST3K Spotlight
Features selected episodes. Includes sound and picture downloads.
Too Much Information: The Annotated MST3K
An attempt to explain the many, many pop culture references in the series and the movie.
Turtle Pond
Image gallery. Mystery Science Theater 3000
Contains cast and crew information, as well as an episode guide and viewer comments and reviews.
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