All sites related to fan pages about friends.
Alexis' Tribute to Friends
Includes scripts, Phoebe's songs, pictures, sounds and lyrics.
Alexis's Tribute
Pictures, Phoebe's songs, addresses, and quotes.
Beeper's Friends
Trivia, fan fiction, spoilers, as well as hard to find articles and magazine covers.
Elizabeth's Friends Page
Contains pictures, soundclips, and scripts.
Friends Fanworks
Livejournal community where fans can view and post fanworks: wallpapers, icons, music videos, and fan art related to the show.
Friends NYC
Including pictures, merchandise, games, quizzes, polls, biographies, ticket information, links, tribute to the city, map, chat room, and encounters.
Friends Obsession
Friends site with the latest news, spoilers, articles, and scripts.
Friends Rocks
Photo gallery, screen savers, theme songs, and ticket information.
Friends Trivia
Test one's knowledge about Friends with quizzes and games.
Friends: The End of an Era
Includes pictures, sounds, biographies, sounds, news, and games.
The Idiot's Guide To Friends
A guide to the TV show Friends with news, pictures, and multimedia.
Interactive Friends
Daily quotes, polls, quiz, and games.
Jeniffer's Friends Page
Includes biographies, introduction to show, soundtrack listings, episode guide, couples, downloads and program details.
Pheeb's World of Friends
Includes an episode guide, links, Emma's biography, cast information, and pictures.
Planet Friends
Pictures, games, meanings of characters' names, and actor, character, and writer profiles.
Reinhard's Friends
Pictures, screen savers, software, themes, and video clips.
Roni's Ross and Rachel Page
A dedication to Ross and Rachel from Friends, with movie clips, pictures, and sounds.
Ultimate Friends Quiz
Are you the ultimate fan? Try and find out.
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