Companies and/or organizations that provide closed-captioning services, both online and offline, for television programs, Internet media and live events.
121 Captions
Services include onsite speech to text, Communication Access Realtime Translation, remote CART, transcription, captioning and sub-titling for web and broadcast media.
Aberdeen Captioning
Provider of closed captions and subtitles for live and pre-recorded video in any tape format, video CD, DVD or webcast.
Al Media Movers, Inc.
Offers Closed Captioning services for deaf & hard of hearing viewers.
Armour Closed Captioning
Provides captioning and subtitling for videos or DVDs. Includes client list and contact information.
Caption Advantage
Company profile and FAQ.
Caption Associates LLC
Captioning, translation, subtitling and transcription services.
Caption Colorado, LLC
Offers real-time and offline services, including Spanish translation. Includes company profile, product and service details, news, and client list.
Caption First
Communication Access Realtime Translation services. Includes staff list, corporate information, and explanation of services. Based in Chicago.
Caption Labs, LLC
Offering closed captioning for broadcast and web. Site includes company profile, services, information on digital delivery, and contact information.
Caption Reporters Inc.
Supplier of real-time, offline, and transcript services. Includes company profile, list of services, and information about corporate sponsorship.
Caption Source
Site offers information about onsite Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), Remote CART, webcast captioning and/or broadcast captioning.
Captioning Australia
Provider of remote captioning services. CART, transcription services, and television production facility.
The Captioning Studio
Broadcast, theater, and remote captioning. Includes information on services and company details. Australia.
Captioning, subtitling, and audio description services for Web and broadcast media. Including HD services and all Web format captioning.
Captionmax, Inc.
Captioning, subtitling, and audio description services for Web and broadcast media. Includes company profile, links for viewers, and contact information.
ClosedCaption Maker
Offers post-production captioning services. Includes client list and contact information.
Impact Media
Closed captioning services; provides closed captioning and subtitling services for broadcast television, DVDs, blue-ray, or internet videos.
NCI: The National Captioning Institute
Supplier of DVD subtitles and captioning. Includes history, corporate sponsorships, FAQ, and information on related laws.
Network Captioning Services
Offering broadcast quality English and Spanish closed captioning (real-time and offline),
Provider of closed captioning and transcription services for broadcast and web. Site features pricing and rates comparison, company profile, overview of services and contact information.
Talking Type Captions
Provider of closed captioning and subtitles for television and Internet video. Site features client list, overview of services, rates, and contact information.
US Captioning Company, L.L.C.
Provides captioning and sponsorship to local television stations, as well as cable and syndicated programmers for news and sports.
VITAC Corporation
Supplier of realtime, offline, and video description services for TV programming, Web media, and DVDs. Includes company profile, guide to services, and contact information.
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