This category is for informational sites on all aspects of using a photographic darkroom. Included are sites on how to build, use, manage and equip a home darkroom as well as information on all the various color and black and white processes that can be employed at home.

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Black and White World
Advanced techniques, beginners guide, forums, FAQs.
Claudio Bonavolta's Photography Page
Information on photography equipment, darkroom techniques. Also contains travel photographs.
Developing Tank
Instructions on how to build a durable developing tank from ABS plastic pipe.
Do It Yourself
Mason Resnick's article on the benefits of doing your own printing. From the Black and White World site.
Dust and Spotting
Article on removing and avoiding dust and spots on prints.
How Safe Is Your Safelight?
Facts about safelights; a page of information from Kodak.
Introduction to The Black and White Darkroom
Jerry Sparrow's article covering the basics of black and white darkroom setup and photo printing.
KODAK Chemicals, Process E-6
Detailed technical manual for Kodak E6 processing aimed at professionals
KODAK Chemicals: Processing Manuals Index
Publications that describe how to use KODAK Chemicals in photofinishing labs, professional finishing labs, motion picture labs and minilabs, available in .pdf format.
Kodak Developer D-76: Tech Pub J-78
Technical manual for Kodak D-76 black and white developer. Lists times, temperatures and procedures for using this time tested developer.
KODAK Photochemical Information and FAQs
Information and FAQs for Kodak's photo chemicals
Kodak Professional: Black and White Films
Technical manuals for all Kodak black and white films.
Kodak Professional: Photographic Chemicals
Contains detailed information on all Kodak photographic chemicals. Information for both color and black and white chemicals.
KODAK: Cross-Processing Color Negative Films in Process E-6: Tech Pub CIS-184
Resource and technical information on processing color negative films in E6 chemistry aimed at professionals
Kodak: Simplified Metric Conversion Tables
Metric conversion tables. A must have for all darkrooms. Printable format for easy use.
Kodak: T-MAX Developers
Technical manual for T-Max developers including times, temperatures, and recommended procedures for developing black and white films.
Kodak: Toning Black and White Materials
Technical manual for toning black and white prints with Kodak toners.
The Light Factory
Online exhibits, classes in photography, and several articles on alternative processes.
Lloyd Erlick: Technical Articles
A large collection of articles for darkroom techniques.
Masking Kits
Pin-registration holders and carriers, resource on contrast masking techniques and other fine art darkroom procedures.
Potassium Ferricyanide: Fantastic or Frustrating?
Demystifying this processing additive.
Rockland Colloid
Information on the combination of new and old techniques to produce many new types of photographic prints.
Rodolfo Namias Group: Old Photographic Techniques
Details old printing processes that give results unobtainable on silver-bromide papers. Includes gallery showing technique examples, information about exhibitions, and available courses.
Silverlight Photography Tutorials
Photography darkroom tutorials and resources.
Teaching Basic Darkroom Techniques
Kodak site giving twelve lessons plans for teaching basic black and white darkroom procedures.
The Zone System
History and technical description of the zone method of controlling image quality. Examples of work produced with the system, further reading and biography of the siteowner.

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