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Form of belly dancing heavily influenced by several different ethnic styles such as North African, Spanish, Gypsy, Middle Eastern, Bollywood, classical Indian, plus more recent dance influences such as firedancing, goth, industrial and contemporary dance. It tends to be darker and more elemental. One attempt at classification described the dancers as the "girls from the bike shed". The movement probably started in California in the 70's with Gothic bellydance. American Tribal (ATS) is a form of tribal belly dance developed by Carolena Nericcio of FatchanceBellydance in San Francisco, and has been very influential worldwide.

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Black Sheep BellyDance: Writings
Published articles and interviews by Kajira Djoumahna, including Tribal Synergy, and Not Your Mother’s Belly Dance which originally appeared in Zaghareet! Magazine.
Dancing Darkly
Laura Tempest Schmidt explains what Gothic belly dance, aka Raqs Gothique, is, and is not.
The Gothic Belly Dance Resource
Gothic, ritual, sacred, experimental, and related fusion forms of belly dance. History, costuming and advice. UK based.
Gothla UK
Weekend of Gothic belly dance workshops, performances and dancing held in June in Leicester, UK. Schedule, teachers and booking forms.
Helene Eriksen
Articles on ethnic dance styles with photographs of dancers and costumes. Includes Dances of the Roma, the Turkic Peoples, Dance in Afghanistan, North Africa, Dances of the Arab World. Publication on costume and music including a Kathak lesson.
Sharon Moore of Mandala Tribe presents articles, links to tutorials and photo albums of various tribes.
Tribe: Tribal Dance Germany and Europe
Forum for the growing community of tribal style and tribal fusion dancers in Germany and the rest of Europe. Postings in German and English.
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