Resources which are or could be used by singers.

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Afrocentric Voices in Classical Music
Biographies, bibliographies, and other resources regarding African American performers and composers of Classical vocal music
Big Ears
Web-based ear training software written in Java. Includes instructions and FAQ.
Chord & Scale Generator
Listen to any scale or chord being played. Includes a lot of unusual scales.
Classical Singer
Formerly known as The New York Opera Newsletter. Includes event guides, forums, directories and magazine archives.
Complete Vocal Institute
Information about techniques used by Danish singer Cathrine Sadolin. Includes FAQs, biography, and information about educational courses, books and CDs.
Hoarseness Prevention & Treatment Tips
Ear, nose, and throat doctor's recommendations for hoarseness prevention and treatment.
Vocal training and technique, audition advice from directors.
National Association of Singing Teachers
International organization, dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of singing through excellence in teaching and the promotion of vocal education and research.
Personal Singing Guide
Free singing tips, vocal exercises and voice care information for all singers!
USA rock music contest site for singing, bands,poetry, etc.
An online resource for singers and voice teachers seeking information on vocal health and wellness.
Singing Hypnotherapy
Vocal training CD with hypnotherapy, posture and breathing exercises.
Singing Tips Blog
Free vocal advice for singers of ages and talent levels. Written by vocal coach Ken Taylor.
Songtaneous Blog
Writings and ruminations on spontaneous singing.
The Tabulator
Transpose chords of any song or guitar tab off the Internet with one click.
Matches singers with producers. Online singing contest. Upload your song and get feed back from others.
Vocal Splendor
Articles, Resources, Repertoire and more for the voice teacher and/or student.
Mailing list and resource for singers and voice teachers. Includes printable sheet music, regional music guide, and information about perfect pitch and self hypnosis.
Resources for singers of all standards and styles. Includes lessons, articles, advice on singing, vocal health, songwriting and working in the music industry.
Your Acompanist
A growing library of popular classical, operetta and traditional backing tracks, as well as songs by little known composers, played on real piano. Some free songs and scales, instant access to pay-for MP3s.
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