All Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) holds the common goal of extending the role of dance/electronic musics beyond the dancefloor. IDM artists use the rhythms, breaks and synths of more mainstream artists in new ways, frustrating attempts to dance and forcing listeners to focus on the music. Prominent artists in the genre include Aphex Twin, Autechre, Mouse on Mars, Plastikman, and To Rococo Rot.

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Wolf's Kompaktkiste
A selection of electronic music CDs and vinyl with covers, track titles and playing times. Also features briefs on artists, labels and compilations.
Alphabet Set, Irish Electronic Music
Collective and label, Home of T-Woc, Ebauche, Thalamus, Sarsparilla, and Prince Kong.
Bip Hop
A multimedia-intensive site documenting electro challenging to the ears and the mind.
BrokenBeat Network
A collection of electronic music artists. An IDM record label / music portal, based in Southern California.
The Dark Poets Official site
I.D.M. duo, 'The Dark Poets', official home page. News, MP3s, and information can be found on this site.
Fat Cat Records
Hip British I.D.M. label that rose from the ashes of the famous Fat Cat record store in London
I.D.M livejournal community
Daily updated journal devoted to news from I.D.M. world.
The IDM Warp Zone
Contains IDM related information, including biographies of artists, record labels, sound files (MP3 and RealAudio format) and a directory of links.
Lacedmilk Technologies
Electronic Music Collective + Netlabel representing a variety of hybrids ranging from IDM to downtempo.
Exciting IDM music from this South Florida Record Label.
Offers free electronica, house, acid jazz and ambient music for download in MP3 format. Also contains links to record labels and artists, archives, and graphics by the author.
Nophi Recordings
An independent record label based in Central Florida, dedicated to the release and distribution of uncommon and experimental electronic music.
Experimental arts collective featuring electronic music, visual art, non-fiction, poetry, math, and experimental video.
What is I.D.M
Wikipedia entry on Intelligent Dance Music.
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