This category is for weblogs in English containing primarily movie reviews.

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80s Films
Reviews and commentary on films from the 1980s, by pseudonymous author Soren. Arranged by genre.
Alt Film Guide
Reviews of new and old films, with film-related news and commentary by Andre Soares.
Bonjour Tristesse
Showcasing contemporary and classic foreign, independent, and cult cinema.
The Canadian Cinephile
Reviews by Jordan Richardson with a slight focus on independent and foreign film.
Cine Moi
A collection of reviews by Dennis Toth originally done for The Columbus Guardian and DreamWatch.
Cinema Assassin
Reviews of films in theatrical release and on DVD by Chris Hill. Also includes screenplay reviews.
Cinema Autopsy
Film reviews, criticism and discussion by Thomas Caldwell.
Reviews by Matthew J. De Reno and Kevin Meehan.
Dain's Movie Reviews
Reviews of independent and documentary features by Dain Binder.
Desuko Movie Spot
Reviews with screenshots and links to video clips, by pseudonymous author "Desuko".
The Film Chair
Current and archived reviews by Dan Stasiewski.
Great Movie Reviews
Reviews of European and Indian films by pseudonymous author Ankyuk.
Groucho Reviews
Film reviews by Peter Canavese of theatrical and home video releases, as well as occasional interviews and features.
Inspired Ground
Movie blog covering reviews, lists, and other writings related to movies
J and H Movie Reviews
Reviews and commentary by a pseudonymous couple.
Jonk Heap
Reviews by Jonathan Kiefer.
Kills Me Dead
Irreverent reviews by Elizabeth. Films indexed by star rating, title, or thematic tags such as director name and genre.
Maxim’s Movie Reviews and Opinions
Reviews by pseudonymous author Maxim. Arranged by genre and film's country of origin.
Movies about Girls
Reviewing lowball pop-culture and teen sex comedies from the 70s and 80s. Includes screenshots and video clips.
Movies that Make You Think
Reviews of world cinema by Jugu Abraham.
Neil Young's Film Lounge
Home of Neil Young's film reviews, interviews, and short stories and poetry..
The Non-Review
A mix of humor and movie reviews.
Only the Cinema
Ed Howard's reviews with a particular emphasis on non-American, experimental, and classic Hollywood films. Includes a listing of reviews by director.
Pissed off Geek
Movie, Book and Game review site written by fans of the genre with a unique view on what they write.
Put Down the Popcorn
Reviews by Joey Troupe point out good, bad, and memorable parts of films, as well as specify what sorts of people will or won't enjoy the movies.
Real Movie Review
Reviews by pseudonymous contributors "Manhattan Movie Maniac" and "Cajun Carl". Also includes quotations and trivia.
Reel Times: Reflections on Cinema
Critic Mark Pfeiffer's reviews and commentary on current and classic cinema.
The Small Town Critic
Reviews by independently syndicated critic Coop Cooper.
We Are As Gods
Reviews by pseudonymous author "CptAlbertWesker".
Welcome to Hell
Glenn Walker's weblog of film reviews.
Zola's Movie Pics
Film reviews by pseudonymous author "Zola" categorized by genre and rating.

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