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Sites listed here are resources that provide a comprehensive overview of movies and typically include information with searchability. Sites may also be deeplinks to multi-movie sites that offer a combination of three or more of the following elements: Pictures, plot summaries, cast and crew data, production details, articles, interviews, news, reviews, ratings, downloads, or links.

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The Internet Movie Database
Features plot summaries, reviews, cast lists, and theatre schedules.
All Movie Guide
Allows users to search for films using flexible criteria. Film listings include general information, cast and crew, synopses, reviews. Allows users to rate films on several dimensions.
Asian Movie Database
Allows searching by title, people, location, language, genre, or year. Listings include general information, reviews, cast and crew details, multimedia, and links.
The Auteurs
Social network and online library with a particular focus on foreign, independent, and classic cinema. Entries include basic film information, lists of fans, and user reviews. Provides high-definition streaming films for a fee. Also includes an e-zine with festival and filmmaking coverage.
Java Movie Database
Java-based application that allows off-site searches of the Internet Movie Database.
Offers news, trailers, reviews, showtimes and tickets, and synopsis summaries for films currently in theaters and new to DVD and video.
Navidot Movie Gateway
Provides a personalized movie database manager with a wishlist and the ability to trade with other users. Film entries include brief synopses, cast and crew, photographs, and ratings.
Open Media Database
A free movie database that anyone can edit. Listings include general film information, synopses, posters, partial cast lists, and links to similar films.
VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever
Listings include reviews, synopses, ratings, cast and crew, and similar film suggestions. Also features lists of adaptations, genres, featured countries, and award winners. Allows registered users to maintain video libraries with wish lists and personal ratings.

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