This category is for sites arguing that Shakespeare is indeed the author of the works attributed to him.
Authorship of Shakespeare's Plays
Evidence that suggests Shakespeare did write the plays attributed to him.
Authorship Page
Evidence in favor of Shakespeare; background on Edward de Vere and others who are part of the authorship debate.
The Case for Shakespeare - 91.10
Stratfordian article by Irvin Matus, from Atlantic Monthly, Oct. 1991.
Debunketh Shakespeare?
Brief essay favoring Stratford.
Eight Witnesses to Shakespeare
Private notes, book-lists, and title-page inscriptions that evince Shakespeare's reputation as the author of his works.
Folger Shakespeare Library
Covering the library, visitor information, exhibitions, museum shop, teaching Shakespeare theatre productions, poetry, the Folger Consort, PEN/Faulkner readings and lectures.
George Buc: The Man Who Knew Shakespeare
Evidence in favor of Shakespeare.
History Of William Shakespeare
Two short sketches: background on authorship; a biography.
Monstrous Adversary: The Life of Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford
Thomas A. Pendleton's review of the Alan H. Nelson book, which argues in favor of Shakespeare's authorship.
Much Ado About Nothing?
Examining the Shakespeare authorship debate.
PBS and Rubbo on Marlowe as Shakespeare: A Reply
Commentary on the Diana Price appearance in the program.
Querulous Notes (March 2002)
The first in an occasional series analyzing a new anti-Stratfordian tract.
Querulous Notes: Defense of Stratfordianism
Refutes evidence presented in Joseph Sobran's annual column.
Querulous Notes: Shakespeare and Roman Catholicism
Anti-Stratfordian Peter W. Dickson obtains a forum in The Weekly Standard for his thesis that Shakespeare of Stratford's (alleged) Roman Catholicism disproves his authorship of the works that bear his name.
Querulous Notes: The Pro-Stratfordian Position
Refutation of some recent anti-Stratfordian works.
Shakespeare and Literacy
Commentary on literacy amongst actors during Shakespeare's time, and whether it might be used as a determining factor in the authorship debate.
Shakespeare Authorship
This page is dedicated to the proposition that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare. Anti-Oxfordian arguments from a traditional point of view.
Shakespeare of Stratford, Un Bourgeios Gentilhomme?
Analyzes the anti-Stratfordian position that William Shakespeare was too prosperous, contented and bourgeois a figure ever to have written poems like Shakespeare’s Sonnets.
Shakespearean Authorship
A pro-Stratfordian position.
Who actually wrote Shakespeare?
A pro-Stratfordian essay.
Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays?
Presents common arguments for and against Shakespeare's authorship, concluding that Shakespeare wrote the plays.
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