The Bacon-Shakespeare Essays of Mather Walker
Ancient wisdom themes are discussed, with additional essays on Shakespeare authorship.
Authorship Analysis (Contents)
Francis Bacon as Shakespeare.
Bacon is Shakespeare
A weblog devoted to the Baconian position.
Bacon: Manes Translation
The translation is intended to offer proof of Bacon's poetic skills.
Baconian Evidence for Shakespeare Authorship
Summarizes the evidence that argues Sir Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare's works.
Chronology Related to Francis Bacon's Life
Chronology of Bacon's life, mingling known facts with suppositions that he was a son of Queen Elizabeth and Robert Dudley, Earl of Essex.
The Code that Failed: Testing a Bacon-Shakespeare Cipher
An introduction to a cipher system found in the works of William Shakespeare by Terry Ross.
Cryptographic Shakespeare
Argues that Bacon wrote Shakespeare's works.
Francis Bacon, Last of the Tudors
A 1921 work by Amelie Deventer Von Kunow that analyzes the plays attributed to Shakespeare, and argues that Bacon was the true author.
The Infinite Book Navigation
A survey of candidates, mostly dealing with Bacon.
Looking For Shakespeare - 91.10
The controversy briefly covered in "The Atlantic Monthly".
The Philosophy of Wonder
Excerpt from the book by Robert Theobald, which locates the Baconian philosophy in Shakespeare's works.
Shake-n-Bacon: An Authorship Analysis
Francis Bacon as Shake-speare. A scholarly pastiche.
Shakespeare, Bacon and the Great Unknown by Lang
Ebook downloadable in several formats.
The Shakespeare-Bacon Theory
Analysis of the theory that the plays of William Shakespeare were actually written under pseudonym by Lord Chancellor Francis Bacon.
Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning
Seeks to prove how and why Sir Francis Bacon wrote the works. With links.
Sir George and his Bacon-Shakespeare Interests
An account of Sir George Trevelyan by Peter Dawkins.
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