This category contains mailing lists or discussion groups or forums or bulletin boards devoted to haiku. To participate, one must usually sign up through a gateway web page. Also note that sites listed under the parallel category "Associations" often run discussion groups; these groups will not be duplicate-listed here.
Haiku Talk and Haiku Talk 2
"Haiku Talk" and "Haiku Talk 2" are two different general discussion lists for writers and others interested in haiku and related genres. Both lists include new writing, discussions of the nature of haiku, and information on those who do haiku, haiku publishers, and haiku competitions. Moderated by Gerald England.
Yahoo! Groups : simply_haiku
The Simply Haiku list is just that. A place for anyone to come and share their Japanese short form poetry including haiga. Moderated by Robert Wilson.
Yahoo! Groups : WHCworldkigo
An on-going global haiku project of "world kigo", where we discuss and compile local season words from different parts of the world. Once the collection reaches a certain size and content, we will present it online as the "WHC World Kigo Database", and continue to augment it. We welcome as many haiku poets from as many locations in the world as possible. Moderated by Gabi Greve.
Yahoo! Groups: Scifaiku
This group is for the writing and sharing of science fiction haiku (aka scifaiku). They also occasionally write similar genres, such as fantasy haiku and horror haiku.
Yahoo! Groups: Shachihoko
Shachihoko is a haiku list tended by Timothy Russell. Its main purpose is to provide a place where writers who want to improve their haiku can obtain instruction and guidance.
Yahoo! Groups: Translating Haiku
This is a group for discussing the art and the problems of translating haiku, from any language into another. Managed by Gabi Greve.
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