The sonnet, attributed to Petrarch in the early Italian renaissance, is a fourteen-line poem that in its original form had the rhyme scheme abba abba cdecde. It was later adapted in England by Wyatt and Surrey with the rhyme scheme abab cdcd efef gg. This later form is sometimes called the English sonnet (the earlier one being the Italian sonnet). However, since Shakespeare used the English form, it is also often referred to as the Shakespearean sonnet. Both types of sonnets are written in iambic pentameter.

Subcategories 1 Poetry: Sonnets
A collection of sonnets, definitions of the various sonnet forms, and links to sonnet sites.
The Amazing Web Site of Shakespeare's Sonnets
Shakespeare's sonnets with extensive, line-by-line commentary and illustrations from the 1609 Quarto. Includes also artwork, love poetry, and Valentine's Day poems.
Brother and Sister
An eleven sonnet sequence by George Eliot.
Connections: Poetry: Forms: The Sonnet
A three-page description of the form with examples by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Shakespeare.
Empire Arts Resource
Sonnets by Michael J. Farrand.
An Italian Sonnet
By James DeFord.
John Donne - Holy Sonnets
Nineteen sonnets on religious themes.
Michael Peach's Site for Lovers of The English Sonnet
Sonnets by Peach and a selection of sonnets by his favorite poets.
Personality Quiz - What Poetry Form Am I?
A sonnet that describes the "personality" of a sonnet. With html code for transferring the sonnet to your site and links to "personality quizzes" for other poetic forms.
Poetry Knowledge Zone: The Soulful Sonnet
Explanation, history, and step-by-step writing instructions by Smitha Chakravarthula. Includes examples.
Shakespeare's Sonnets
The complete sonnets with an analysis and translation into Modern English of selected poems.
The Sonnet
A brief description and definition of the sonnet form(s).
Sonnet Central
"An archive of English sonnets, commentary, pictures, audio, and relevant web links."
Sonnets for Free
A collection by Nicholas Gordon that can be used free for any personal or non-commercial purpose.
Sonnets from the Portuguese
Text of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's sonnets.
The Sonnets to Orpheus
55 sonnets by Rainer Maria Rilke translated by Robert Temple..
Sonnets by Scott Ennis. Part of a larger site that includes and invites videos of sonnets.
Toru Dutt: Sonnet
Written in 1876 by an Indian woman raised in France. From Volume 2 of an anthology entitled, "Reading About the World."
Writing a Sonnet - For Dummies
Instructions on how to write a Shakespearean sonnet with an analysis of the form and content of Shakespeare's Sonnet 18.
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