Limited to published humorists, such as those whose works include books and syndicated columns.

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Augustinus, Norm
Podcasts and comedic indie films produced by Norm Augustinus.
Beckerman, Marty
Archive and mailing list for Marty Beckerman's opinion and humor column.
Bellamy, Guy
Site dedicated to the comic fiction of the British author, Guy Bellamy.
Bodett, Tom
Humorist, radio personality, and author of fiction and travel books. Find a synopsis of each of Tom's books here, a story excerpt updated frequently, and biographical details.
Cathy Hamilton
Offers titles, descriptions, author data and provides locations and links for purchasing books.
Fitzhugh, Bill
Born in Jackson, Mississippi, former disc jockey's books include "Pest Control" and "Radio Activity." Offers his capsule reviews of an eclectic range of books and movies.
Greenberg, Gary
Freelance writer, columnist, spray paint artist and author of the novel "Dead Man's Tale" offers online collection of essays called Cosmic Debris. Biography, review.
Mollica, Tommy
Writer of "Rudy Snabblewurst's Bachelor Handbook" and "The Tom Letters."
Page, Nick
Books include "In Search of the World's Worst Writers" and the "The Scroll: The Tabloid Bible" as well as inspirational prose and poetry.
Perry, Michael
Essays originally published in "Esquire" and "The New Yorker" are collected in "Big Rigs, Elvis and the Grand Dragon Wayne." Author of "Population: 485," an autobiographical return to volunteer firefighting. Speaking engagement schedule.
Shaidle, Kathy
Official site of the award-winning Toronto freelance writer and author.
Wilde, Larry
Humorist, motivational speaker and author of more than fifty books offers a joke of the day and links to quizzes and National Humor Month.

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