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Specializing in gothic horror, fantasy, and media art/illustration.
Calandra Studio
Site of artist Michael Calandra featuring detailed horror and classic creature related images.
Cam's Happy Pencil
Gallery of works by artist Cam De Leon, noted illustrator for the band TOOL.
Chris Friend
Dark ink drawings by Chris Friend, who has been publishing small press horror zines for two decades.
Hattori, Naoto
Horror and nightmare paintings by the airbrush artist.
Hectical Inkerie
Dark and strange ink drawings by Michael Herring. Features mad cross-hatchery of skulls, bones, teeth, and wires.
Jeff Pittarelli
Award-winning science fiction, horror and erotic illustrator and artist.
M. Wayne Miller
A fantasy, horror, and science fiction illustrator.
Mar Omega
Traditional and digital fantasy/horror illustrations and comics.
McCambridge, Dennis
Irish artist's portfolio of dark occult illustration.
Miles Teves
Hollywood conceptual artist, specializing in charactor design and make-up effects for films.
Quiet Inner World
Collection of dark and whimsical illustrations.
Sasso, Marc
Predominantly fantasy, horror, and science fiction oriented digital illustrations for storyboards, comics, posters and computer games.
Sinister Visions: The Dark Art of Chad Savage
Portfolio of the dark artist Chad Savage and his warped alter-ego: Zombo the Clown.
Thompson, Derek
Monster concept work, sketchbook, downloads, and resume.
Tina Tarrant
Fantasy art and illustrations with a dark theme.
Wes Benscoter
The official website of Wes Benscoter, an award winning artist whose bizarre airbrushed paintings have been used by Slayer, Relapse Records, and numerous magazines.
Whitlam, David
The dark, surrealist art and illustration by Manchester based artist Dave Whitlam.
Wickie Arts
Fantasy and gothic illustrations featuring strange and sensual creatures, mythological characters and unusual stories. The works are created in oils, acrylics, pen and ink, graphite, and sculpture.
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