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A directory for sites showing people how to make paper aircraft that fly. In general not model aircraft made out of paper.

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Alex's Paper Airplanes
Clear instructions showing how to make over 20 paper airplanes.
Amazing Paper Airplanes
Instructions for folding paper versions of real airplanes with information on the actual planes.
The Best Paper Airplane
Folding and flying instructions for a single reasonably high performance paper airplane.
Best Paper Airplanes
Clear instructions for ten original paper airplanes.
Fun Paper Airplanes
Downloadable paper airplane templates, with a section on flight.
Joseph Palmer's Favorite Paper Airplanes
Step by step instructions for creating simple, high performance paper airplanes
Ken Blackburn's Paper Airplane Page
Home page for world record paper airplanes and miscellaneous flying things.
McShane's Planes
An index of 6 unique paper aeroplanes, some with high performance levels, with folding instructions which require a degree of skill to follow.
OmniWing Paper Airplane
History, conception and construction of the award winning OmniWing Paper Airplane.
Paper Aircraft Association
Organization begun by Andy Chipling, who works with the Guinness Book of Records to produce the rules for official paper aircraft records. Includes information on paper aircraft history, and duration, distance, wingspan records.
Paper Airplane
Detailed, illustrated instructions for making a fighter jet.
Paper airplane ideas
Tips and suggestions to improve paper airplane designs.
Paper Airplanes HQ
Video instructions for 50 paper airplane designs, including ratings for ease of assembly.
Secret Paper Aeroplanes
Instructions for 9 paper airplanes in video/photographic form. Also includes sections on aerodynamics and how to perform several stunts.
World Class Paper Gliders
Instructions for a paper glider design.
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