Sites about how to make chain mail armour. A chain mail (also known as maille) is made by linking together lots of rings. the result is armour that is both light, strong and flexible. Mail can also be used to make many other things besides armour, and there are many mail artists worldwide.

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Maille Artisans International League
Dedicated to the art and industry of chainmail. Offers instructions, weaves, patterns, a gallery, rated links and chat groups.
Butted Mail: A Mailmaker's Guide
The popular Third Edition of Lord Paul de Gorey's guide, with additional material by the author, has been combined into this new on-line Fourth Edition by Robert fitz John.
Chain mail and those who made and wore it throughout the years; James Dean (unconfirmed), various warriors, and your local butcher (validity may vary based on location). General information and methods.
ChainMaille: the LORD Randolph Method
This document is intended to assist the novice chain mailer in designing and producing his own suit of armor
Dave's Chainmail Construction Webpage
Designed to help people who are interested in pursuing the task of creating chain mail. Features beginning techniques, tools, a gallery, and patterns.
Illustrated Handbook
A brief history of chain mail and detailed instructions on how to create chain mail and the tools to use.
Kusari Kahn's Lair
Dedicated to passing on and preserving knowledge of the ancient art of chain and chain armours, commonly known as maille, chainmaille, chainmail and mail. Galleries, patterns and articles about chain mail and ring armors.
Mail (Chainmail) Page
Short history of chain mail and information about the construction of chain mail in a home workshop; photos and links.
Timotheous' Creations
Gallery of chain mail clothing, accessories, and oddities
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