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Web sites with regularly-updated information about comics -- news, reviews, discussions, etc. This includes official web sites for printed magazines, as well as webzines that do not exist in print.

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Student comics magazine based at University of California at Berkeley. Back issues online in PDF and GIF format.
Bonafide Comics
Online strips, comic and DVD Reviews, Flash games and news.
Online comics (mostly adventure, fantasy and SF), also reviews and columns.
Collector Times Online
Publication for comics and other collectibles with articles about comics, collecting, and gaming.
Comic Book Resources
News, reviews, columns, message board, and shopping.
Comic Shop News
Companion site to the comics information newsletter, with the Red K Awards and CSN Reader Surveys.
Comic Widows
Reviews and columns, including a monthly review of web comics.
Bi-monthly print zine which accepts submissions and is circulated only among its members/contributors.
Comics Bulletin
News, reviews, interviews, and message board, focused on superheroes but with a small-press section.
Comics Continuum
Source for comic-related news, articles, interviews and recommended comic links.
The Comics Journal
Online companion to print magazine, with selected articles, interview excerpts, and message board.
Blogger comments on comic news.
Online magazine about web-based comics, with news, reviews and interviews.
Fanboy Planet
Reviews, interviews and opinions on comics, movies, television, and wrestling.
Hero Realm
Offers comics interviews, reviews, upcoming titles and news.
Horror Comics Review
Covers and ordering information for print fanzine on horror comics, with some reviews online.
In Sequence
Weblog by Teresa Ortega, on comic books, animation, video games, graphic arts and design.
Indy Magazine
Quarterly E-zine of reviews and interviews, published by Jeff Mason of Alternative Comics and edited by Bill Kartalopoulos.
Jazma Universe Online
Newsletter aiming at promoting comic book art and scripts. Includes interviews and fan art.
Krause Publications Comics Division
Information from the Comics Buyer Guide, Comics Retailer and Scrye publications.
News, opinion and previews. Covers both mainstream and independent comics. Updated several times daily.
Monthly comics webzine. Includes featured creator, industry reports, small press coverage, reviews and online comics.
Rob's Comics and Nightmares
Current comicbook reviews and news, amateur art and short stories.
Robin Snyder's The Comics
Information on this print fanzine, showcasing the masters of comic art, interviews and artwork.
Sequential Tart
Web zine about the comics industry with a focus on women's issues.
There Goes Tokyo
Indy/small-press online comics, reviews, interviews, games. Also sells small-press comics by various UK authors.
Focuses on UK small press artists. Available online in PDF format, or by mail order. Includes catalog of self-published titles.

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