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Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904), French painter and sculptor.

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ARC: Jean Leon Gérôme
Collection of images.
The Art Institute of Chicago
Gerome's gallery: Anacreon with the Infants Bacchus and Cupid, Portrait of a Woman, Napoleon Entering Cairo, Chariot race, and Eagle Expiring, Monument for Waterloo.
Art Magick: Jean Leon Gérôme
Biography and good examples of his best known works, some with commentary.
Artcyclopedia: Jean Leon Gérôme
Guide to 15 art museum sites and image archives where Gerome's works can be viewed online.
The Athenaeum - Jean Leon Gérôme
Features a total of 170 paintings belong to the Orientalist in high detail.
Dahesh Museum of Art
Proper analysis on one of his masterpieces "King Candaules".
Find A Grave - Jean Leon Gérôme
Location and pictures of the French artist's grave including a biography.
The Haggin Museum
Features a comprehensive biography including background information and interpretation on five of his works.
The J. Paul Getty Museum
Short biography regarding Gerome, including slideshow presenting his works.
National Gallery of Canada
Gerome's biography including awards and historical comments on his artworks.
NNDB - Jean Leon Gérôme
Provides an extensive biography.
Rehs Galleries: Jean Leon Gerome
Biography on the 19th century French artist. Includes a list of museums with his work.
The Spectacular Art of Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824–1904)
A journal of 19th century visual culture reviewed by Gabriel P. Weisberg.
Web Gallery of Art: Jean Leon Gérôme
Hungary-based image archive with a variety of works by Gerome.
WebMuseum's Gérôme Page
Short biography and image of "Duel After a Masked Ball."
Wikipedia - Jean Leon Gérôme
Encyclopedia article featuring a biography and further reading sources regarding the Orientalist painter.
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