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The Art Institute of Chicago
Displays a list of artworks done by the German artist.
The Art Story: Max Ernst
Comprehensive biography covering his early training, mature and late periods, legacy and artistic influences.
Artcyclopedia: Max Ernst
A collections of links to online exhibitions which include his works and all other material on the artist. - Max Ernst
Auction results, biographies, images and books pertaining to this abstraction, Surrealist artist.
Bella Gallery - Max Ernst
A collection of Ernst images and a very brief biography.
The Grave of Max Ernst
Location and pictures of the German artist's grave including a biography.
Guggenheim: Max Ernst
Provides Interpretation and analysis on seven artworks towards the German artist. Includes a biography.
Mark Harden's Artchive: Max Ernst
A number of Ernst's works viewable at multiple sizes.
Max Ernst Interviews
Presents an interview recorded in English originally from the CD Surrealism Reviewed.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Analysis on Ernst's masterpiece 'The Barbarians' explaining the influence of metaphors and mythology on his work.
MoMA Collection: Max Ernst
Provides a biography based on his life and work; includes a slideshow showing images of his work.
National Galleries of Scotland
Features Ernst's biography and proper analysis on most of his artworks displayed.
National Gallery of Art - Max Ernst
Brief biography including images of his work.
Olga's Gallery - Max Ernst
Collection of artist's works with a biography and historical comments.
Tate Collection: Max Ernst
Provides a total of 9 artworks, including historical background information on most artworks.
Wikipedia - Max Ernst
Biography, selected artworks, legacy and a short gallery regarding the German artist.

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