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(1862 - 1951) (Frank Weston Benson) - American impressionist born on March 24, 1862, in Salem, Massachusetts.

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Adelson Galleries, Inc
Gallery with a special focus in the art of the later 19th century and early 20th century provides biography and works by Frank Weston Benson.
ARC: Frank W. Benson (1862-1951)
Display of featured artworks and photograph of the artist.
The Art institute of Chicago
Gallery regarding Benson's work, including medium and size on each painting.
Artnet: Frank Weston Benson
Displays available works of art and exhibitions by the artist with links to representative galleries.
The Athenaeum - Frank Weston Benson
Features a total of 37 paintings of the American artist in high detail.
Frank W. Benson
An authoritative resource on the American Impressionist and master of the sporting print. Includes a biography, research resources, posters, books, and exhibits.
Frank W. Benson American Impressionist
Provides gallery and biography. Includes chronological timeline on the artist from 1862 to 1951.
The Grave of Frank Weston Benson
Location and pictures of his grave. Biography is also available.
Light Shines on Frank W. Benson: American Impressionist
Information on the artist and Peabody Essex Museum exhibit.
National Gallery of Art - Frank Benson
Provides a list of the American artist's paintings and prints including a biography and bibliography.
Salem Tales - Frank Weston Benson
Article on the Salem born artist who was called "the most medaled painter in America".
Turn On the Glittering Light of Impressionism: The Art of Frank Benson
Article By Charles Sovek published in The Artist's Magazine - October, 1989.
Wikipedia: Frank Weston Benson (1862 - 1951)
Article featuring his early career, late success and posthumous sales.
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