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Novel approaches to the art or science of planning and building structures.

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Architects Design in Cyberspace
Illustrated article by Alfredo Andia and Claudia Busch on the designs by New York based architectural firm Asymptote on a virtual New York Stock Exchange.
Curvilinear Surfaces
Aleksandra Kasuba explains how to install curved fabric structures (under tension) in environmental and architectural projects. Examples of her installations. Biography, bibliography.
Margot Kasojevik presents dynamics, simulation and animation design processes in architecture. Includes animations.
Diaphan Architectural
Sabine von Fischer explores space in material and thought, in the form of drawings and texts – from concept and criticism to construction. Projects focus on sensorial and invisible boundaries such as "sonic barriers", and on completely collapsed objects in the "event horizon" series.
Dynamic Architecture
David Fisher presents his design for a rotating tower in Dubai. Between its independently rotating floors are wind turbines, generate electric energy for itself as well as for other buildings. Includes description, video and press articles.
Michael Hansmeyer - Computational Architecture
Features profile and experiments in computational and algorithmic architecture.
Parasitic Architecture
A manifesto on the subject of parasitic architecture; defined as an adaptable, transient and exploitative form of architecture that forces relationships with host buildings.
The Steel Research House
An experiment in modern house design using light steel framing at the University of Nottingham, UK. Context, project outline and progress. Feedback form for comments.
Tent Design
Russian architect Anvar Khairoylline enthuses about the possibilities of tent structures. His profile, illustrated summary of his thesis and examples of projects using the principles of tent construction.
The Translucent House
A prototype by Alfons Soldevila. Photograph parades show the building process from design to finish, and other buildings using translucence. A detailed description and theoretical background.
Zomes Concept
Creating homes from a harmonious family of geometric forms. Includes definitions, symbolism, images, and construction.
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