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This category is for sites that distribute or trade Japanese-language anime with English subtitles added by fans, also known as fansubs. Distribution media include VHS, VCD, and computer files.

Distribution involves monetary payment for episodes. Trading refers to the exchange of episodes for other episodes, enriching the libraries of both parties. Another method of obtaining fansubs is by sending a blank tape with a self-addressed stamped envelope to someone, who then copies episodes to the tape and sends it back. In this case no money changes hands.

It is generally considered improper to distribute fansubs of commercially licensed anime. Another common rule is that fansubs should not be distributed for profit. Although some sites listed here may not abide by these principles, please consider what kind of behavior you wish to support when choosing a distributor.

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Aily's Digital Distribution
Distribution and trading on VCD.
Anime Divx VCD DVD Online
List of various anime fansub titles in Divx, DVD and VCD format.
Anime Enchantress Fansub Distro
VHS distribution within the U.S.
Anime Infinity
FTP distribution, with reviews, forum and images.
Anime Land
Distribution and trade of manga and fan subtitled anime Also has a mini a mini picture gallery.
Anime on CD
Offers users the ability to purchase fansubbed series on CDs.
Anime Stars Fansubs
Sailor Moon, Marmalade Boy, and Dragonball tapes.
Beestro Anime VCD Fansub Distro
Distribution of VCDs with status page.
Cutesy's Anime
Distribution, price based on sliding scale. Cash or money order, no international shipping.
Decube's Anime Page
Distribution on VHS and VCD, as well as used goods for sale.
Dragon Fansubs
Kodomo no Omocha, Yu Yu Hakusho Sailor Moon, Marmalade Boy, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.
Geek's Homepage
Distribution on VCD with online ordering.
Distributes and trades fansub anime DVD, VHS and CDs.
Hisoka's Anime Fansubs Distribution
VHS distribution with order status page.
Infidel's Anime Trading
Trading on CD-R, with list of titles, rules, and status page.
Julia's Video Trade Center
Tape trading of anime and J-pop/J-rock videos. Rules, tape list and wanted list.
Kaorimoch's Fansub Trades
Distribution and trading on CDs, with music files and manga scans also available. Based in Australia.
Legend of the Super Sai-ya-jin Fansubs
Reviews and list of Dragon Ball tapes.
Marichan's Anime CD Trade & Distribution
Offering anime and manga, with list of titles, rules, and FAQ.
Rinny's Anime CD Trading Page
Distribution and trading of CDs and VCDs, as well as manga and soundtracks. Includes list of references.
Sarjilian Fansubs
Distribution and trading on VHS and VCD, with order status page. Soundtracks also available.
Sevothtarte Anime
Title listing, trading and ordering rules.
Shinomori Misao's Anime Distro
Distribution and trades, sliding scale. Cash or money order, international shipping for extra fee.
Smackin Anine Fansubs
Tape list, request information, and images.
Universe of the Four Youkai Anime Distro
VHS distribution and limited trading.
World Anime 888
List of titles and quality, request form, and rules.
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