The sites within this category sell hentai doujinshi and hentai manga. Here are some definitions to help explain, and clarify what the words associated with this category mean. It's hard enough to isolate quality resources on this subject, without the misuse and obscuring of valid terminology. This will help us all get on the same page DOUJINSHI: The term doujinshi refers to a prevalent underground form of manga, usually parodies of popular anime and manga and are often hentai in nature. 'Underground' being the key notion, these are comics published by fans, or fan groups called "circles". Because they are not mass produced like manga, they are very rare, and tend to be much pricier than normal comics. ECCHI: (sometimes written "H" or "Etchi") a Japanese word used by American fans to refer to anime and manga of an adult nature. Ecchi is how "H" is read in Japanese, "H" being short for "Hentai". HENTAI: It is commonly used by English-speaking fans to refer to pornographic anime and manga. LEMON: A Japanese expression that has made its way into the vocabulary of English-speaking fans; it is used to refer to "mature" content. For example, fanfics containing raunchy material or erotic scenes are frequently referred to as "lemony" or something similar. Also see Ecchi, although lemon usually has milder connotations. MANGA: Is the Japanese word for Comic Book. Comike, or Comiku is the Japanese way of writing the English word "Comic". Manga does "not" mean animation. PARODIES: Manga based on anime, and other manga, series. These are very much like doujinshi, which they are often mis-referred to as. The difference being that Parody Manga are works published by professional companies. These definitions and more can be found here: Above is a link to an excellent interview with Frederick Schodt, one of the first American pioneers in the Anime/Manga field, and author of 'DreamLand Japan'. If you like Anime and Manga, say "Thank you, Fred!" If you are interested in the full scope of this field, 'DreamLand Japan' is an excellent resource.
Seller of adult manga, doujinshi, and games, based in Japan. Catalog of products sorted by product type.
Robert's Anime Corner Store
Seller of anime and manga, including adult titles. Interactive list of titles, prices and purchase information.
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