This category is for adult content/resources created on computers using virtual human models in 3D modeling/rendering software. This genre came into its own in the mid-1990s, as humanoid modeling/animation/rendering software (e.g. Curious Labs' Poser) became simpler and affordable for hobbyists and feasible on regular desktop computers.

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Currently the largest online adult CG art community. Gallery of user submitted 3D erotic/horror art; now offering subscription-based 2nd tier gallery. Also includes user contributed resources for Poser, forums and online store. Home of original hi-res Poser figure Dina V. based on model DinaMarie Vannoni. [free registration for basic access; subscriptions available for private areas]
3D Femmes
Gallery of Poser 2 (!) and 4 BDSM erotica.
Digital erotica store. Images and animations of nude computer-generated women with huge breasts. Bondage and lactation themes. No longer offers models for sale. Membership area now open.
3dpmr Poser Resources
Arduino's home of Cindy, an original Poser model (compatible with the V1/2 clothing), the V3 genital morph pack and erotica gallery section. Free membership required.
Amazon Soul
A work in progress, blending science fiction and erotica and created entirely in CG. A multimedia concept comprised of images and animation.
Portfolio of images and movies created with Ray Dream Studio, Painter3D, and Poser3.
Clip's weird Poser props
Dungeon/torture props include nail table, gyno table with stirrups, "inspector" horizontal restraint device, "bars" sitting restraint device, syringe, hyperbaric-looking incubator, vacuum sucker and evil-looking fitness machine.
Chapter-based hardcore adult graphic novels spanning genres of westerns, science fiction and horror. Aliens, monsters, impregnation, but not without humorous dialogue at times. Some animations. [membership]
Sci-Fi comic book with similarly themed downloads and gallery, emphasis on robots, space, and pin-up cheesecake. Forklift, land rover, spacecraft, skimpy dress transmaps for download. "Milker" mad scientist bondage breast pump.
Digital Chamber
Adult 3D comics and downloadable movies in many genres. [AVS]
Computer generated pictures of naked women masturbating.
Erotic Illusions
A hub of paysites featuring all original art and stories about females naked and in peril, alien encounters, fantasy worlds, sex, bondage, lesbianism, BDSM, fetishes, trans-gender. Not all sites are CG.
SinSister's and Dedman's artwork, "Deviant Designs" store and Poser freebies, all with a goth-dark flavor (think equal parts Giger, Wednesday Addams, and Bettie Page). Postwork tutorials on hair and blood. Lestat character head morph for Michael, collars, latexwear, unusual furniture...
Infinitee Designs
Downloadable wallpaper backgrounds of 3D Sci-fi and Fantasy art for your desktop. Photoshop actions, Bryce downloads, rock t-shirts, sci-fi, fantasy, erotic art by Ralph Manis, created with Bryce, Photoshop and Poser.
Moxie Graphix
Featuring 3D figurative digital art and wallpapers by Jeanette Thompson. Some of the images depict nudity and sexual situations. Artist available for commission.
3D rendered art and stories with a sadistic theme.
Virtual EVE
Interactive sex simulator for Windows (commercial) featuring a caucasian couple whose expressions never seem to change from neutral eyes-open. Requires DirectX 8.
Wappen modeling
Props and buildings with a distinctly Old World European flavor. Gallery with some erotic content.
[Mozilla Painter]
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